There are many storylines throughout the world of martial arts, but too few seem to revolve around the positive things that are happening. The Rolling for a Reason podcast shines a light on the individuals in BJJ, MMA and beyond that are making the world a better place.

We want this to be THEIR platform – a place to tell their story, and a place where we can build that evidence that BJJ can be (or even is now) the most compassionate sport in the world. Even though we are a BJJ-based organization, we hope to connect with all the change-makers in martial arts, grappling, and combat sports.

The podcast is hosted by Jon Thomas, Executive Director of Tap Cancer Out, and Dave Bannon, Operations Manager of Tap Cancer Out.

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Episode 001: Alex Ecklin, Masterskya

In our first ever episode we had the honor of chatting with Alex Ecklin. A Vitor Shaolin black belt, Alex has been a longtime supporter of Tap Cancer Out. In 2018 he made waves in the BJJ community when he started his school, Masterskya, in an unmarked building in Brooklyn (it was so “Brooklyn” that you couldn’t even find the address without calling and asking). His proposed model was unique: with BJJ being so cost-prohibitive, he’d offer a donation-based payment option. His school exploded, opened a second location, and even led him to a teaching gig at Google HQ (yes, THAT Google!). In the spring of 2019 Alex took part in our Black Belt Showcase, earning the award as our Top Black Belt Fundraiser with $3,467 raised!

In this episode we talk about:

Episode 002: Dave Kiedaisch, High Road BJJ / High Road Revolution

In our second episode we had the opportunity to chat with Dave Kiedaisch. Dave must be a feline of some sort, because he’s lived at least two or three lives, and probably will live another six more. He is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, a lifelong martial artist and BJJ black belt under John Ouano, has jumped out of planes thousands of times, and now owns High Road BJJ and the High Road Revolution brand, known for its “Do a Good Deed” motto.

In this episode we talk about: