It’s your birthday. You can do whatever you want! Sleep in. Eat cake. Pull guard. Run through a birthday gauntlet at BJJ class.

But did you know you can also fight cancer?

Pledging your birthday to Tap Cancer Out is an easy, impactful, and meaningful way to take the fight to cancer—a disease that affects a new child every two seconds.


How it works is simple:

1. Pledge Your Birthday:
Make the commitment to ask for donations instead of gifts. Even better, ask for donations in the amount of the age you’re turning, like “$33 for my 33rd birthday!”

2. Set Up Your Fundraiser
Head to Facebook  to set up your fundraiser. Make sure to tell people why you’re fundraising for Tap Cancer Out and our current beneficiary (Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation) and how cancer has affected your life. If you don’t use Facebook, you can still set up a page on our own fundraising platform.

3. Smash and Pass Your Goal as You Help Tap Cancer Out
Your donations will go directly to TCO to help further our mission and provide our current beneficiary, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, the funds for life-saving pediatric cancer research and family support services.


Set Up in 3 Steps

I mentioned you should set up your Fundraiser on Facebook. Obviously, not everyone has Facebook. If you don’t, no problem. Just head to our fundraising platform to set up a page there if you’d like. But if you DO have Facebook, you can set up your fundraiser in three easy steps:



Why Support Tap Cancer Out?

There are plenty of cancer-fighting charities out there. But if you’re a BJJ practitioner (and even if you’re not), wouldn’t you like to show the world that grappling isn’t just about wrestling in your pajamas? At Tap Cancer Out we strive to be the embodiment of what makes BJJ so great – the people and how much they care for others. Pledging your birthday not only raises critical funds for our nonprofit, it shows the world how great our sport and community is.