Cincinnati – 19

October 26th 2019 | Cincinnati, OH

On October 26th, 2019, we visited to Cincinnati for our sixth stop on our Grappling for Good Tour and our very first Tap Cancer Out Cincinnati BJJ Open!

Tony Smith from Son of Siam earned our Top Overall Fundraiser award by raising an incredible $4,424 from 44 donors!

Our Michael Corb Top Children’s Fundraiser award was won by Sophia Chick of JGMMA/SAS who raised $4,094 as our #2 overall fundraiser. Sophia also garnered 34 donations.

We had a number of hard-working fundraising teams but it was JGMMA/SAS and their 30 fundraisers that took home our Top Fundraising Team Award by raising $10,229!

Ultimately 67 transacting fundraisers and 497 generous donors helped us raise more than $27,801 in direct donations. In total, the tournament raised more than $36,300!