Chicago – 2018

October 20th, 2018 | Oak Lawn, IL

On October 20th, 2018 we reached our sixth stop on our Grappling for Good Tour – Chicago, IL, at the Oak Lawn Pavilion – for our Tap Cancer Out Chicago BJJ Open. This would be one for the record books!!

Warren Brand from Serafin BJJ took home the Top Fundraiser trophy by raising $3,808. Sophia Kirklewski from Carlson Gracie Team was our Top Children’s Fundraiser having raised $3,617.

Carlson Gracie Team shined, handily earning the Top Fundraising Team trophy by raising $16,765 thanks to the efforts of 29 transacting team fundraisers. That made them our #1 Top Fundraising Team throughout the Tour and #7 in the history of Tap Cancer Out.

Ultimately 140 transacting fundraisers and 1,489 generous donors helped us raise more than $78,500 in direct donations. In total, the tournament raised more than $92,000, which is BY FAR the most we’ve ever raised our first year in a new city