Grappling for Good Tap Cancer Out Tour

About the Tour

For seven years, Tap Cancer Out has hosted the most philanthropic BJJ tournaments in the world, with a commitment to making sure they’re well-run, fun, and of course, impactful in the fight against cancer. These events have brought us to a number of states, but it’s a big country, and there are grapplers in every corner. What better way to meet you all than to take this show on the road? Thus, the Grappling for Good Tour was born.

Our 2018 Grappling for Good Tour brought us to seven cities in eight weeks, welcoming 1,784 competitors, 732 transacting fundraisers, nearly 12,000 donations and more than $311,000 raised! In 2019 we are heading to eight cities (and two more shortly thereafter) giving BJJ competitors (that may have never have had the opportunity) to fight for those in the fight of their lives. Our competitors can pay an entry fee or, for those who want to make the biggest impact, fundraise on behalf of Tap Cancer Out and our beneficiary and earn perks like free entry, merchandise, and lots more.

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About Our Tournaments

Since 2012, we’ve been hosting charitable BJJ tournaments that empower our competitors to fight for those in the fight of their lives. We aim to not only host the most philanthropic BJJ tournaments in the world, but also the most well organized, safe, and positive.

Alex's Lemonade Stand

This year, we’re happy to continue our partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) whose mission has funded over 800 research projects at more than 135 hospitals working towards putting an end to pediatric cancer. Our 2018 gift of $465,000 funded nine research grants across the country along with funding a portion of their Travel for Care program, allowing hundreds of families to travel to potentially life-saving treatment.

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