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Wrapping Up the Grappling for Good Tour

It was late October of 2017 when it hit me—an idea that would change Tap Cancer Out, and my life. I messaged Adam, at the time one of our most dedicated volunteers, and told him, “I’m about to blow your mind, if you really want to change the world with us…” “I’m sitting down,” he said. At that moment, I pitched it to him. 7…

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The Grappling for Good Tour is Coming!

On the surface, BJJ is a martial art. But at its core, BJJ is much more. We bump fists before we berimbolo, learn as we lasso sweep, and forge friendships as we foot lock. Tap Cancer Out was born as a way to show the world that jiu-jitsu is more than just fighting – it’s a family – one that’s dedicated to changing the world…

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Winter Grapplethon Wrapup

2017 was an amazing inaugural year for our Grapplethon program where we saw seven Grapplethons hosted across North America in Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Upstate New York, Virginia, Las Vegas, Texas, and Vancouver (Canada). Combined, all seven Grapplethons raised an impressive $28,000. We’ve written wrap-up posts about a number of those, so we wanted to keep you all updated on some of the amazing Grapplethons that have taken place over…

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How to Raise $700 in a Single Day of Fundraising

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not great at asking people for things. Whether it’s asking my wife for more of the covers or asking friends to donate to my online fundraising efforts, it’s always a bit awkward. I’d almost prefer to do (or try) everything myself than to bother others. But taking the fight to cancer—that’s not something any of us can do…

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4 Reasons You Can’t Miss our 2018 Connecticut BJJ Open

I’m not going to name them here, but just think about how many tournaments are out there now… It’s funny. When I started training nearly ten years ago, we didn’t have many tournaments to choose from. My first tournament was in New Jersey, about two hours from me, and that felt close. Nowadays, they’re everywhere, and if you’re on the west coast you’re spoiled with…

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Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Presenting Our Newest Beneficiary: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

It all started with an idea and a passion to take the fight to cancer. Alex Scott was just one when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. After defying so many odds, at 4 years old, she wanted to help other kids with cancer so she set up a lemonade stand. Her parents didn’t expect it to raise much money, but after her first year Alex…

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