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I have a Fundraising and/or Registration Question...

We’ve got a specific FAQ page for that. Please head here for any of those questions –

Where can black belts register for the Connecticut tournament?

We will NOT be having a Black Belt division in our tournament. Instead, we’re hosting a series of Gi and No-Gi Superfights on the afternoon of the tournament (running concurrently with the tournament itself). We’re calling it the “Black Belt Showcase” and you can apply to fight here –

How do I update my registration or change my weight class?

Unfortunately that can’t be done online. Please email us at with your necessary changes and we’ll take care of it. Remember that the LAST DAY for changes is the WEDNESDAY before the tournament.

Where can I see the brackets or competitor lists?


We never post the brackets. The reality of our charity BJJ tournament is that we never disqualify anyone (unless they show up AFTER their division has already launched). So when someone shows up and miss weight or realize they’ve registered for the wrong division (ahem :: parents) we have to move them to the proper division. This disrupts not only the bracket they’re joining but the bracket they leave as well. If a competitor is left alone in their division because of this, which happens often, we have to move THEM too. Plus, people straight up don’t show up because we offer registration with no up front cost (our FUNDRAISER ticket option) so people use it as a loophole to register and then bail without letting us know.

So the brackets are always in flux and we can’t be 100% sure they’re accurate until moments before we launch it to a ring.


We do, however, post competitor lists. These are created one week prior to the tournament and emailed directly to registered competitors as well as posted on the tournament’s Facebook Event Page (another reason to RSVP). They are NOT updated in real-time as new people registered. Because our fundraising platform (which is where our tournament website is hosted and all registration is handled) wasn’t tailored for BJJ, exporting and creating the competitor lists is a manual process. We literally export the competitors to Excel and have to manually sort them into divisions. For this reason, we update the competitor lists daily and email them to competitors daily as well.

The competitor lists are ONLY updated through the Thursday before the tournament, after the last day for changes has passed. After that they’re uploaded into our tournament management system (which is why all changes need to be made before then).

When and where are weigh-ins?

You weigh-in as soon as you arrive at the tournament (NO LATER than 90-minutes BEFORE your division is scheduled to start). Please see the schedule to understand when the scales open for your specific division. All competitors under 16 can start weighing in as soon as we open the doors.

For some (not all) tournaments we’ll have a night-before option. If that’s the case for your tournament, you will be notified ahead of time on the Facebook Event Page and via email. Otherwise, it’s day-of weigh-ins.

You do NOT need to weigh-in with your Gi on.

Do I have to weigh-in with the Gi on? Is there a 1lb allowance?

You do NOT need to weigh in with the Gi on.

You WILL receive a 1lb allowance for margin of error.

Can I register at the door?


What's the charge for spectators or coaches?

All non-competitors must pay a $10 entry fee, however kids under 12 are free.

I see that black belt, brown belt, and all women's divisions don't offer Masters or Executive. So can competitors at these belts who are 30+ compete?

Of course!! It just means that we don’t separate Black and/or Brown belts by age. Everyone fights in the same age division. Whether 4 years old or 94 years old, you’re welcome at a Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open!

Is it Gi or No-Gi or both?

This is a Gi-ONLY tournament.

Is it single or double elimination?

It’s round-robin (everyone fights everyone) for all kids, juniors, and teens divisions ONLY. Adults are single elimination only.

What happens if I don’t have anyone in my division?

You will have an option to switch divisions or get your money back right there on the spot. Do note that we reserve the right to combine divisions to make for a more compelling bracket.

Are jockstraps/cups allowed?

No, unless for specific medical reasons.

Are uniform rules in effect?

The Gi will need to be properly sized, however there are no restrictions on brand, colors or patches. Wearing of a rashguard is only allowed for women and competitors under the age of 16. So in other words, men, you can’t wear rashguards (or spats for that matter).

Why is my son/daughter fighting a boy/girl?

All our kids, juniors, and teen divisions combine males and females. This gives us the best chance to offer your child the most matches. Dividing them would lead to countless small or single competitor brackets.