Get Involved

We’re so happy that you’re interested in getting involved. Use your creativity and passion to take an active role by hosting an event, fundraising, donating or spreading awareness for our cause. Here are a few of the options.

Host a Grapplethon

Without question THE most impactful thing you could do if you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is to host a Grapplethon. A Grapplethon is an independently organized BJJ event that commonly features mini-seminars, drilling sessions, and open mats, with breaks for food, giveaways, and more. Participants are encouraged to fundraise with our user-friendly online platform, where they can earn free entry to the event, t-shirts, rashguards, and even a free Gi!

We’ve developed a comprehensive framework to help volunteer hosts put on a great event, including a downloadable hosting toolkit, marketing materials (we’ll design and print your posters!), and sponsors who will send you raffle and door prizes. More importantly, we’ll manage the online fundraising platform and fundraiser email marketin

To learn more, head over to our Grapplethon page!!

Donate or Shop Our Online Store

If you’re simply looking to help us raise funds (which we need!), you can quickly and easily provide a tax-deductible donation. You can also browse our store and purchase a T-shirt or two!

Fundraise for an Event

The best way is to empower your school, teammates, family, friends and community to help us force cancer to tap out by leading a fundraising team. Simply head over to our fundraising platform, create a profile, and set up your personal fundraising page benefitting Tap Out Cancer, Inc. You can easily set a goal and invite your network to contribute!

This is perfect for anyone competing in an event, even if it’s not BJJ related. We’ve had a number of competitors fundraise in advance of BJJ tournaments, Warrior Dashes/Spartan Races, and even 5Ks.

Sponsor Tap Cancer Out

If you’re a BJJ vendor or school/gym owner who values Corporate Social Responsibility and wants to help us tap cancer out, please consider becoming a sponsor of Tap Cancer Out. With the growing popularity of jiu-jitsu and grappling sports, you’ll be able to show your current and prospective students that your brand is making a difference in more ways than one. For more information, send an email to information {at}

Some of our sponsors that have helped us in a wide variety of ways include Inverted Gear, Manto, Fight Soap, Meerkatsu, Scramble, Lapel Choke, BJJHQ and The Handprint Store.


We’ll be heading out to tournaments nationwide in the coming months, and we’ll need volunteers to help! If you’d like to help us spread the word at your local event, please send us an email at information {at} with your information.

Follow Us

So you like Tap Out Cancer and want to follow our progress? Stay up-to-date by heading over to our Facebook Page and Liking us. Maybe post a status update on your wall about this great nonprofit you found?

If you’re more the 140-character type, then you can follow us at @TapCancerOut on Twitter. We’ll also be posting pictures of our events on Instagram and we have plenty of videos on our YouTube page.